Monday, July 17, 2023

Playin' with the big boys

Big as in 1/32. Playing = test game of Nuts!

It has been around four years since I first acquired the rules with the intention of doing some squad level games of the Second World War. They had passed the read test, but what about a play test?

Stephen and Julian travelled up/over for the game.

July has been 'visitor season' for us, so I did not get a chance to re-read the rules before hand. The fellas were extremely patient as we used the first couple of moves to get accustomed with the basic mechanics. They are quite easy to come to grips with, albeit idiosyncratic, as were the details of shooting, mêlée and vehicles as we progressed.

Simple game, simple scenario. A couple of squads of paras making their way from the drop zone to the Arnhem bridge. German defenders in woods awaiting them.

The German infantry defenders (front) with possible reinforcing squad of Waffen SS behind (accompanied by a PzKpfw V).

Two squads of paras, one with jeep and 75 mm pack howitzer.

Julian advanced the first squad of paratroops carefully towards the woods, spread out and going prone at each 'step'.

Sgt Smithers and the other leadmen entered the edge of the wood, sparking an 'in-sight' test for the closest German defenders.

Successful with the test, the Germans opened fire, hitting Sgt Smithers who used his 'star' quality to downgrade the hit to a 'duck back'. Corporal Clobber and the other paras returned fire killing the German rifleman who had hit Smithers and taking Col. Klink 'out of the fight'.

Not a good opening for the German infantry with one rifleman 'definitely dead' and Col. Klink 'out of the fight'. However Cpl Harte and Pte Krak remained in place with the MG42.

Paratroops' grenade attack! Fell short.

Unscathed, Harte killed one of the paras and forced the others to take cover.

A second grenade attack also missed the target, but the charge by the paras was more successful. Harte and Krak killed in the ensuing mêlée.

Lead by Corporal Clobber, the paras prepared to advance further into the wood...

While this combat was occuring, Stephen brought the second squad of paras down the road, jeep and gun to the fore (a combined roll of 7 for the initiative had produced reinforcements).

Next turn, we rolled a double for the initiative, producing a 'possible enemy force'. The Waffen SS and tank entered the game.

Kaptain Konrad and his squad come on behind the Panther. It probably should have been a Stug to be more accurate for Arnhem, but that PzKpfw V looks so good!

The Germans seized the initiative, so the Panther moved towards the second squad of paras, stopped and opened fire with the main gun.
The thin-skinned jeep was no more, but Captain Flashman jumped clear (thanks to his 'star power') directing the remaining members of his squad towards the wood.

That brought an enjoyable little game to an end.

It had been great to finally have a go with Nuts! and to get the 1/32 figures back on the table after so long. Both will feature again at some stage for sure.

Thanks to Stephen and Julian for making this first game with Nuts! such an enjoyable experience with laughs a plenty.


Nuts! 4th Edition by Two Hour Wargames (2017).

Figures and vehicles

Airfix British Paratroops

Airfix German Infantry

Mars German Elite Division (Normandy 44-45)

Classic Toy Soldiers German Panther tank (camouflage)

Newray Willys Jeep 1/32 Scale Diecast Metal Model

Gun that came with a packet of toy soldiers


  1. Very interesting! I have never seen a wargame with large figures before. How difficult is it to draw such figures? Perhaps there are difficulties with the terrain?

    1. Thank you for looking and commenting Valentine.
      Figures of 54 mm were the scale used by HG Wells in his 'Little Wars'. They are still really popular as 1/32 plastics and/or 54 mm metal figures. They feature on lots of blogs. Much of the terrain can be from other scales, some is bigger! Buildings and other terrain pieces can be purchased or built. There is a multitude of kits at 1/32 or 1/35 and also loads of items available in sets designed for kids that look great once painted and generally 'spruced up'.
      The Airfix figures we used were from the imaginary play-battles of my childhood and, now painted and based, are some of the wargaming figures of my later adulthood :)

  2. That looked like fun James. How did you find the rules?

  3. Better than 6mm or worse; even smaller. 😀

    1. C'mon Stew, 2 mm figs and vehicles are great. Ideal for that wargame on an aeroplane tray!!
      I have them too, for *really* big scale wargaming, but you already knew that, I am sure...

  4. I was given a bunch of 54mm WW2 Germans and Americans by a friend about 15 years ago. I looked around at suitable rules and NUTS! seemed perfect. But then he moved overseas :-( I still have it as a backburner project to get out the figures and play NUTS! with them in the backyard.